Panic Art Studios is a small indie studio based in Tampere, Finland. We have a few people working on awesome retro games spiced up with Pixel Art!

We are currently developing games to distribute in STEAM and PSN. Currently waiting for becoming XBOX One developers.

We have created Hero Siege and are currently working on our new steam/psn titles NES-Retku the Game and Squishy the Suicidal Pig!

Good question!

Once upon a time I was in school and my teacher told me that I needed to pickup 3D in order to get a job. I refused.

I have always LOVED games with nice old school pixel art ever since i was a small kid. My granpa would take me to Video-Game Arcades every day while i spent my childhood summers in Naples, Italy! Those times are a huge reason and inspiration of what I'm doing now!

I refused 3D because I never really turned on about 3D games that much. Making Pixels started for me as a hobby at 12-years-old when I found the game creation program "Game Maker 4" by googling a game dev program. I had no clue what to do, but immediately I started creating my own characters with MS Paint.

Now it has been 13 years and I'm a self made man running my own indie studio!

- Elias Viglione, CEO.. Artist.. Person..

Get Hero siege from steam!